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basilWalking In Balance  

Author: Basil Johnston

We have, according to our beliefs, 5 essential parts: body, soul, spirit, heart, and mind which all have to be satisfied equally. When you are in balance you are walking on the right road, following the right path of life.” – Basil Johnston.

Eight stories, written in both Anishinaabe and English languages, follow up on the lessons and teachings found within Living in Harmony and Gift of the Stars.

Basil Johnston has written over 15 books in English and five in Ojibway to show that there is much more to North American Indigenous life than social organization, hunting and fishing, food preparation, clothing, dwellings and transportation. Among the books that Basil has written are Ojibway Heritage, Indian School Days, Crazy Dave, and Honour Earth Mother (Kegedonce Press). Basil believes the key to understanding culture is language and to this end he has developed audio programs on cassette and CD.

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basilThink Indian

by author: Basil Johnston   

A collection of essays and presentations.

Basil has delivered to numerous educational conferences and gatherings across Canada and the United States.  Topics covered, while all relating to the critical need to protect and encourage our language include how we are “One Generation Away From Extinction,”  “Cowboys and Indians” to “You can’t tell stories in the summertime” and the title essay “Think Indian.”

“Think Indian” bumper stickers pleaded and advocated in the 60’s, “Think Indian.”

And while the plea may have been intended for general consideration, it represented in many instances a personal appeal for the exercise of a greater degree or intensity of Indianness, particularly by those who were prevented, for a variety of reasons, from practicing real Indianness. (Excerpt from book)

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"Basil Johnston proves once again that he is the dean of Canadian Native writers with this indispensable collection of his best and most entertaining essays.  Beautiful, lucid, sometimes hilarious and always thought-provoking, Think Indian is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand contemporary Native experience.  It will make you think again about what you thought you knew."

Warren Cariou, Professor

Basil Johnston has long been one of my favorite writers. His is always a unique and truly indigenous voice whether his focus is on storytelling or the sacred, the history and culture of his own nation or his inspiring personal journey out of the labyrinth of the Indian boarding schools into prominence as an internationally known author.
I always expect the best from Basil, but this new book exceeds my expectations. THINK INDIAN is at once
amusing and thought-provoking, a fine blend of scholarship and storytelling. These well-crafted essays--ranging explorations of the importance of Native languages and prescription for their preservation
to personal musings on the ironic positions in which modern Native people find themselves--are a pure delight.
Joseph Bruchac
 Author of the best selling Keepers of the Earth: Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children from his “Keepers” series

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Living in Harmony - The Anishinaubaemowin series   
by author: Basil Johnston.

“In late August the birds that migrate for the winter begin to gather in flocks. How soon or late they gather will reflect how soon or late winter will set in, but it will always take place in conjunction with the setting of autumn. It is the voice of Mother Earth pulsating through the plants to the insects, birds, and animals, letting them know that it is time to go. What insects, birds and animals do in answer to Mother Earth’s beckoning is nothing more nor nothing less than it is time to do this because this is taking place.”

– Exerpt from Introduction by Basil Johnston

You can purchase prints of the images from Living In Harmony By Adiran Nadjiwon By Clicking the Image Below

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Honour Earth Mother
by author: Basil Johnston.

He writes of the real world at a time when reality seems to be disappearing from our vision. He knows what his ancestors have always known, that the only way to live on earth is to be a part of it. His new book is a remarkable examination of the connection of human beings to the Earth Mother.

"I heartily recommend it."
- Farley Mowat

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