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Nathan Niigan Noodin Adler published his debut novel, Wrist, an Indigenous monster story, in 2016. With his brand-new collection of mystery, monster, and paranormal stories, Ghost Lake, Adler returns to the world of Wrist.

"Ghost Lake" is the name of a fictional reserve in northern Ontario, where the stories of the eponymous collection are set. Follow an interconnected cast of characters in and around the reserve, and re-visit some of the main characters from Wrist in the new collection, Ghost Lake.

Ghost Lake has been nominated for the 2021 Eric Hoffler da Vinci Eye award in book design!

Check out the book launch page for Ghost Lake on Facebook for excerpts, video readings,
and an interview with Nathan by Tyler Pennock!

“…Adler solicits the assistance of the natural world in weaving his magical tale—fantastic, captivating from beginning to end.”
– Lee Maracle, on Wrist.

 “Adler gifts us with this collection of intense life and death stories that straddle the worlds of the everyday and the fantastic. These stories challenge the notion of default reality and Adler crafts them with a deft hand.”  —Michelle Good, on Ghost Lake.

In celebration of the recent release of Ghost Lake, we are offering both books at 20% off the regular price!

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Tuesday, 24 November 2020 17:45


In Ojibwe cosmology there are thirteen moons...

And in the pages of Ghost Lake are thirteen stories featuring an interrelated cast of characters and their brushes with the mysterious. Issa lives in fear of having her secret discovered, Aanzheyaawin haunts the roads seeking vengeance, Zaude searches for clues to her brother’s death, Garion wrestles with his sexual inclinations, Fanon struggles against an unexpected winter storm, Kylie fights to make it back to shore, Eadie and Mushkeg share a magical night, Tyner faces brutal violence, and Tyler, Clay, and Dare must make amends to the spirits before it’s too late. On the northern Ontario reserve of Ghost Lake the precolonial past is not so distant, and nothing is ever truly lost or destroyed. Because the land remembers.  

Ghost Lake is a companion volume to Adler’s Indigenous horror novel, Wrist (2016, Kegedonce Press).

Read more about Ghost Lake in this interview with Nathan Niigan Noodin Adler on Open Book.

Watch the Book Launch video for Ghost Lake: Author readings and interview with moderator Tylor Pennock.


Chilling, mysterious tales of Anishinaabe culture and legend...

“Adler gifts us with this collection of intense life and death stories that straddle the worlds of the everyday and the fantastic. These stories challenge the notion of default reality and Adler crafts them with a deft hand.”
—Michelle Good, author of Five Little Indians

Ghost Lake is the border to all things known—but not in the way wider society conceives them: there is no lighthouse imposing its dichotomy on the darkness. It invites recovery and connection from its characters beautifully; story, memory, and relationship build the landscape for them to walk on.  The people of Ghost Lake move through experiences with a curiosity and bravery that I hope all readers have—where there are no experts to place rules on a community’s desire to remember. We need more collections like this.”
—Tyler Pennock, author of Bones

“A memorable, necessary read, Nathan Adler’s remarkable collection Ghost Lake delves into the life-changing passages of love and loss, revenge and redemption, survival and discovery. His vital, authentic characters journey through a world in which the boundary between the so-called real and the illusory—the realm of mysteries, spirits, and myths—is itself revealed to be the illusion. These imaginative, expertly crafted stories are guaranteed to illuminate and stir, to challenge and entertain.” —Daniel Scott Tysdal, author of The Writing Moment: A Practical Guide to Creating Poems


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