25th Anniversary September Retrospective Featured

The Anishinaubemowin Series, by Basil Johnston.

            The Gift of the Stars and Living In Harmony

The Gift of the Stars
Before books there was the land. It taught our ancestors what they needed to know in order to survive, it challenged our ancestors to use what they had learned to edify their spirits, souls, hearts and mind. What they learned was revelation.               --Basil H. Johnston.

The Gift of the Stars is a remarkable and remarkably beautiful collection of children’s tales, based in the sacred stories of the Anishinaubek. But it does not stop there, with the telling of stories. This book is also an important repository for the study and preservation of the Anishinaubemowin language. The stories appear in English as well as Anishinaubemowin, and are accompanied by simple vocabulary lists to aid readers of just about any age in the learning of this extraordinary language. Recommended ages: 6–12.

Living in Harmony 
In our ancestors’ ancient society there was only one abiding principle that governed all of life, whatever species; plants, insects, birds, animals, fish and humans, and that was “live in harmony.” … Be of good kinship or respect one another as ought next of kin or be of good will. The stories [in Living in Harmony] set down and reflect our ancestors thoughts on what set off one species against another when onece the sense of kinship held them together as members of a closer knit family.                --Basil H. Johnston

Living in Harmony is the second collection of children’s stories in the Anishinaubemowin series. Like The Gift of the Stars, its stories appear in both English and Anishinaubemowin, and short vocabulary lists appear throughout. A beautiful collection of sacred stories in the style of Aesop’s Fables, Living in Harmony is an important contribution to the preservation of Anishinaube culture and language. Recommended ages: 6–12.

Basil H. Johnston (1929–2015) was an Ojibway writer, storyteller, language teacher and scholar.
For his work in preserving Ojibwa language and culture, he received the Order of Ontario and Honorary Doctorates from the University of Toronto and Laurentian University. Basil also received the Aboriginal Achievement Award for Heritage and Spirituality. With four books published by Kegedonce Press, he is one of our most beloved authors.

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