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Nipugtug (In the Forest–pronounced “nee-book-dook”) follows A’le’s, a young Mi’gmaw woman, as she snowshoes through the forest at different times in her life. On her journeys, she meets and converses with the animals and the trees, who guide her through the challenging and nourishing emotions of learning her Mi’gmaw language. Grounded in her relationship with the territory, A’le’s navigates memories of her language and culture that cling to realities within and beyond her life. A delightful and moving story illustrated with Natalie Laurin’s beautiful paintings, Nipugtug is written in both Mi’gmaw and English for language-learners of any age.


About the Author

Emma Metallic

Emma Metallic is from the Mi’gmaq community, Listuguj, Quebec, located in the seventh district Gespe’gewa’gi, Mi’gma’gi. Emma holds a BA in Contemporary studies and Law, Justice, & Society with a minor in Indigenous Studies from the University of King’s College. Emma is passionate about writing stories that reflect her community’s knowledge, needs, and desires. While a learner of the Mi’gmaw language, Emma strives to use the language as much as she can in her day-to-day life. Nipugtug (pronounced “nee-book-dook”) is her debut book.


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A journey into the forest and into memory and connection to home, community and language. Mi’gmaw author Emma Metallic gives us a delightful bilingual story beautifully illustrated by Natalie Laurin.

ISBN-13 9781928120414


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